Does my Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card ever expire?

Funds do not expire.  The plastic card will be unusable after the “valid thru” date stated on the Card.  The “valid thru” date is not an expiration date on the Card funds.  The amount remaining on the Card will be available until the amount reaches zero.  The Card funds will be temporarily unavailable after the “valid thru” date until you obtain a free replacement Card.  You may present and exchange the unusable card at no charge for a replacement Card, which will be activated in the amount remaining on the Card at the time of the exchange.  Replacement may take up to 30 days to process.  For inquiries about exchanging an unusable card, call 1.800.755.8713.

Where can I use my Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card?

Your Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card may be used for making purchases at participating Downtown Pleasanton businesses. Your Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card cannot be used or applied as payment to any account or loan.

Can I place a tip on my Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card?

The Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card my not be used to pay for tips or other gratuities.

Can I purchase a Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card online?

Downtown Pleasanton Gift Cards may be purchased online. All gift cards are sent via standard United States Postal Service. We are happy to mail gift cards directly to you or to your selected recipient(s). Gift Cards are available in any denominations from $10 up to $500.

Please allow 48 hours for orders to be processed. Orders placed after Friday noon through Sunday and on Holidays, including the week between Christmas and New Years, will not be processed until the following business day.

How do I use the Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card?

First, check to see if the business accepts The Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card. Then, let the store associate know you are using the Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card before they start to ring in your purchase. Stores will need to know the balance on your Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card. Once the purchase is complete, check the approval code on your receipt to see your latest card balance. The amount will read with an X in place of the decimal point. Example 58X17 = $58.17

What if I want to spend more than the card value?

The Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card can usually be combined with another form of payment to complete a purchase. Be sure to notify the cashier before they process your purchase. Please note that some stores may not be able to do a split payment transaction.

What happens if my Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card is lost or stolen?

Notify Downtown Pleasanton Association as soon as possible.  Lost or stolen gift cards may not be replaced without adequate proof of purchase (original gift card receipt), and the corresponding gift card number.  $5.00 fee to replace lost, stolen or damaged card, except as prohibited by law.  Please treat the Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card as cash, if it is stolen there is the possibility of the card being used by someone other than yourself.  We are not able to restore funds to the Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card at anytime.

How do I keep track of my balance?

You can check your gift card balance at, by calling 1-800-755-0085, or take your Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card into Downtown Pleasanton Association for assistance. You can also write in your latest balance in the space provided on the back of the card. As well, when you use your Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card, the approval code at the bottom of your receipt represents your remaining balance. Example 58X17 = $58.17

What if I want to return items purchased with my Downtown Pleasanton Gift Card?

Depending on the business's return policy, Downtown Pleasanton merchants will give store credit for returns.