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Waxcraft Waxing Parlor

780 Main St. #208

Pleasanton , CA

Contact: Cat Coakley

At Waxcraft®, Our Name Says it All!  With our spooky-chic decor and the sound of 80s hair metal, the moment you enter this couture coven of waxing, you will know that we ain't your mama’s day spa, and you’re not in Kansas anymore!  But fear not my pretties, we respect the craft of waxing, which means each of our wicked waxers uses only the finest waxing products available, never double dips, and are waxperts in the services she provides!  From enchanting your brows to bewitching your kitty, with a twitch of her magic waxing wand, she will leave you spellbound! "BRAZILIAN WAXING" is our Specialty Waxcraft is... Proud supporter of Real Girl Empowerment.

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