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We Are Downtown Pleasanton
...and the name fits.

We are the very heart of a vibrant and dynamic city with a rich history and a commitment to an unparalleled quality of life. Our downtown is the treasured center of this special place. We are home to over 550 diverse businesses; one of a kind shops where you can find that perfect outfit, special bottle of wine, unique gifts or treats for your children or even your pet. We are a place that values personal, friendly service. We are alluring, authentic and comfortable. We invite you to rediscover the magic of this special place that is here for you every day.


The Pleasanton Downtown Association

In 1984, the City Council recognized this special business area with the creation of the Pleasanton Downtown Association (PDA). The PDA operates as an assessment district with the goal of developing and promoting a vibrant downtown community. It functions as a non-profit organization with funding provided by member assessments, matching City funds, sponsorships and revenue producing events.


As a Main Street Community, the PDA is organized under a four-point strategy that incorporates the elements of organization, economic restructuring, promotion and design or physical appearance. Successful implementation of this strategy involves a mutual effort by the PDA staff, business owners, property owners, Associate members and community volunteers.

Pleasanton Downtown Association's web site is here to help you find information about all of the downtown businesses, affiliated businesses and the events and activities of Downtown Pleasanton. Whatever your interest is about Pleasanton, there is information about the city, its neighbors and associates here.

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