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Chianti Reserve

436 Main Street

Pleasanton, CA

Contact: Mohammad Kabiry

Welcome to Chianti's Ristorante... Chianti's Ristorante prepares the finest authentic Italian cuisine in Pleasanton. We bring a little bit of Italy to downtown Pleasanton serving your favorite meals including Lasagna, Fettuccini and vegetarian dishes like Zucca and Spinach Gorgonzola. Chianti's also offers a variety Antipasti, Salads, Chicken, Beef, Seafood and more, plus a full bar and wine menu. At Chianti's Ristorante, our wait staff strives to ensure you always feel at home. Our kitchen staff works tirelessly to make sure you know our kitchen is your kitchen, and our management team is proud to provide the highest quality of meals and service, making Chianti's your first and best choice.

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