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Businesses located within Downtown only

All businesses located within the boundaries of the Downtown Commercial District are part of the Pleasanton Downtown Association (PDA) Business Improvement District (BID). The PDA Commercial District boundaries are Peters Avenue to the west, First Street to the east, Bernal Avenue to the south, and Del Valle Pkwy to the north. The PDA annual assessments are based on proximity to Main Street, with a minimum assessment of $50 and a maximum assessment of $350; non-profit businesses within the BID are not assessed. The BID assessment formula is based on the annual business license payment and is calculated as follows:


  • Businesses located curbside and downstairs on Main Street are assessed at two times (2X) their business license;

  • Businesses with a Main Street address located upstairs, or not curbside, are assessed at a rate of one and a half (1.5X) their business license; and

  • All other businesses (located off Main Street) pay an amount equal to one times (1X) their business license.


PDA BID assessments are collected by the City of Pleasanton during the business license application or renewal process. The PDA and the City have an annual agreement whereby the City matches the annual assessment revenue collected, and the total assessments plus matching funds are remitted to the PDA to benefit the downtown through promotions, programs, and activities. Business license fees and PDA BID assessments are paid directly to the City of Pleasanton. For additional information, please visit

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